Captn. James Cook

A voyage to the Pacific Ocean undertaken by command of his majesty, for making dicoveries in the northern hemisphere ... / being a copius, comprehensive, and satisfactory abridgement of the voyage written by captain James Cook, F. R. S. and captain James King, Ll. D. and F. R. S. ; illustrated with cuts. London : printed for Champante and Whitrow, Jewry Street, Aldgate and M. Watson, Hemitage-Bridge, 1793. 4 v., ca. 86 h. de lams.


Tipo: Lámina

Materias: Cook, James, 1728-1779Exploradores - Inglaterra - Retratos

Año: 1578 1795

Idioma: spa

Colección: Biblioteca Nacional de Chile

id MC: MC0011605

id BN: 45098

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